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Innovated since 147 years, Ecole de Management de Normandie guarantees a degree of excellence that matches its ambitions and aspirations. Among its assets are the quality programs, innovative and unique learning methods, multi-campus structure, cultural diversity, and ever-increasing network of partner companies.

Accreditations of AACSB and EQUIS are the evidence of excellence of the school in academic sphere thus competing in the prestigious league of Best Business Schools in the world. It has also been a member of CGE (Conference des Grandes), UGEI (Union des Grandes Ecoles) and EESPIG (Etablissement d’Enseignement Supérieur Privé d’Intérêt Général). Other certifications include RNCP, BSIS and Datadock Labels.

Testimony by Director General Jean-Guy Bernard

“Our strategic plan for 2018-2021 is in line with previous plans, with the overriding ambition of maintaining and disseminating the EM Normandie culture and preserving this family dimension that is dear to us and distinguishes us. Built collectively by all stakeholders, institutional and operational, it places students, companies and society at the heart of the vision.

The training programs at EM Normandie are amongst the top rankings published by national and international media. The rankings provide a measure to assess the quality of programs, professional integration of young graduates, their satisfaction with the school and relationships of the school with companies. The training program of Masters in Management at EM Normandie has been ranked 74th by the prestigious Financial Times. It also holds 19th rank in the Challenges magazine, 18th in the Eduniversal rankings and 16th in the le Parisien ETUDIANT rankings.


EM Normandie possess a multi-campus structure with campuses across France, UK and Ireland which provides students an opportunity to gain proficiency in other languages and to experience different cultures. The five campuses includes:

EM Normandie offers a wide variety of programs listed as below:


The program is internationally recognized amongst the Top 100 Best Business Schools by The Financial Times Ranking. Masters in Management at EM Normandie enables you to acquire a solid managerial knowledge. The course includes 1 semester with a partner univeristy, 6 to 21 months of internships, 7 Double Degrees in France or abroad, 16 specializations and 1-2 year in work study programmes.

Career results :

The charts depicts the Breakdown of Annual Gross Salaries including Bonuses. 67% graduates are employed before graduation and 93% of graduates are employed within 3 months of graduation. 94% of the students are satisfied with their first job and 6% of the graduated students started or took over a business.

Special attention is paid to the academic and professional profile while the admission procedure. Shortlisted candidates are interviewed and the decision is publicised later on. The selected students are required to make a down payment which is later on deducted from the tuition fees. This payment confirms the admission of a candidate into the program.


Application fees for Non-French Diploma holders: €50

Tuition fees for Year 1 and Year 2 is €10,250 each and for off-campus Optional Year is €1000. €90 is to be paid as the compulsory CVEC fees and €575 as a membership fee for EM Normandie Alumni Association. This membership fee is required by Alumni and Students Association which offers a range of services and support, increases the school’s reputation, promotes its degrees and foster meetings and exchanges with members all around the world. Students join the association to avail various internship and employment opportunities through the website, take part in the association’s professional and social events, be in contact with members of the class, share their own experiences and to benefit from personalized support during and after the study path.

What are MS and MSc Programs?

Specialized Masters (MS) is a professional training course of at least 2 semesters offering you an efficient and flexible transition to the professional world whereas Masters in Science (MSc) is structured according to the same scheme but it differs by a more international approach. The different courses offered at EM Normandie include:

  • MSc Cross Cultural Marketing and Negotiation
  • MSc International Events Management
  • MSc International Logistics and Port Management
  • MSc Supply Chain Management
  • MS Marketing, Communication and Agrifood Engineering
  • MS Marketing Strategy & Business Development
  • MSc Tourism and Leisure Management – e-Learning
  • Master of Science Banking, Finance and FinTech
  • MS Territorial Development Strategy
  • MS Human Resource Manager
  • MS Entrepreneurship
  • MS MESB – Equine Industry Sciences and Management

All the MS and MSc programs at EM Normandie are accredited by the Conference des Grandes Écoles (CGE) except the Master of Science Banking, Finance and FinTech and the Master of Science Digital Sales.

The Housing Service of EM Normandie lists thousands of offers of accommodation including private landlords, student residences, estates agent and room shares on a single platform. It also provides tips for finding accommodation in Caen, La Havre, Oxford, Paris and Dublin. The Facebook groups of the Business School are updated from year to year to find hidden gems in the city of choice. Other than this, various other financial aids are provided by the CAF to facilitate your accommodation.

To check your admission chances at EM Normandie, try our FREE profile evaluation test on www.top100mim.com. Certain waivers can be given on the application fees to the candidates applying through our site. There are other Early Bird scholarships and Merit scholarships available for the students at our site. For further information, contact us on info@top100mim.com.

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