Discover the top Master’s Degree Programs in management. Master in management (MIM) Rankings is important because they give a student the necessary perspective about the quality of business schools around the world. Rankings are determined using large number of factors, which are highly relevant from an applicant’s perspective. Most of the rankings commonly might include the below factors:

  • Accreditations like AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS
  • Internationalization (Exchanges, Mobility, Diversity)
  • Salaries after the degree
  • Increment in Salary from the pre-degree levels
  • Research quality

For many students, The rankings might not be the only criteria on deciding their eventual study destination. There are may be many other factors at play like the fee aspect, Location, Specializations etc., which impact the final decision. However, the role of rankings in forming initial opinions and impressions is quite significant. The rankings provide students a direction to do more research about the courses & colleges.

Rankings by Popularity

Below you can find ranking of business schools by popularity based on unique page views and engagement activity by users.

Global MiM Rankings

Many external publications create rankings of Master in management programs. One of the most credible such ranking is published by The Financial times. The first time such Top 100 MIM ranking was published by FT was back in 2005. The Economist’s Master in Management ranking was published first time in 2017.

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