How to Write an S.O.P.

Before We Delve into the Strategies Per SE, Let's See What an Per S.O.P. SE Is

There are basically two facets that decide the fate of an applicant: preparation and presentation. Just like a teacher who has prepared all night a chapter if unable to deliver the lecture is considered rejected by the pupils, so can happen to a student who has prepared a great academic-extracurricular-work experience profile if he is unable to do justice with his presentation called his statement of purpose.

An S.O.P., au fond and in toto, lays bare to the receiver your familial fundamentals, academic acumen, professional portfolio, “building” interests (your interests / hobbies that have shaped you into what you are), reason for the course, the institution, and the region, your goals and life values, and an all-encapsulating ending.

In this article, I will tell you the way to write an effective S.O.P.

A five-paragraph S.O.P. is par for the course, and I’ll explain to you what to write in each explaining one at a time.

Paragraph 1

This part has to give your introduction that can have your name, age, locality, some familial background, and a must relevant cliffhanger that gives the reader a nisus to read further. The cliffhanger can be related to the course you have applied for.

Paragraph 2

Now come to your education in this one telling about your primary, secondary, and alma mater. Tell your scores. If great, tell about the push that enabled you; if bad, tell about the pull that disabled you. Don’t be bluntly statistical but reasoned as well. Include in it only, the extra(-curricular) you have done and the feathers in your cap.

Paragraph 3

After you have described your achievements in Paragraph 2, now is the turn to describe the course you want to apply for. Make sure you describe its fundamentals and the relationship between them and your own fundamentals. Don’t forget to tell the scope of this domain in the country you want to move to and on the global scale. How this course will benefit you and your family and nation must also be included. Tell about what this course requires of you and how you are able to give that (or are honing yourself to do so).

Paragraph 4

Now describe why you want to go to this college and country. Only ingratiating adjectives will not suffice, you will have to do proper research on the reputation, statistics, and history of college and country. What has been the performance of some alumni of the college, how low is the crime ratio of the locality you will move to, how are the relations between your nation and this nation, are a few points you can incorporate. There must be a clear picture showing that you want to be in the country and the college, and not only for money.

Paragraph 5

In this paragraph, state your life and career goal that covers your emotional, academic, and financial fundamentals, and restate how they correspond with the course, the college, and the country. Promise them, that you’ll prove to be an asset to them.

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