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Kedge business school is amongst the 1% of business schools holding the Triple Crown (AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB accredited) and amongst the top 50 business schools ranked by The Financial Times. It has over 25 management programs providing degrees to over 12,500 students every year. With its four campuses in four different cities (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Suzhou), the school provide various different lifestyle choices along with opportunity of exchange programs with 275 international partners, 90% of which are accredited by AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB and EPAS.

Kedge has been chosen as the leadership school model for the 21st century because it provides a distinctive educational platform and training to transform the learning experience in the long-term. It further has adopted a new positioning, designed around three-key training themes: technology management, entrepreneurship and common good allowing you to better understand the modern world and become informed stakeholders.

Kedge’s Masters in Management program offers an experiential, multimodal and personalized approach of training. It is a 2 year program where in the first year; you will work on polishing your career path and building a solid fundamental understanding of management.

There are three options provided in the 1st year of the course (M1) where you can either cover the course in one year, stay in the campus of France, involve in different social activities or in an academic exchange of 1 semester or cover the course in 2 years where between semester 3 and 4, you have the option of doing a placement for two semesters that helps you gain practical knowledge and experience. In the 3rd semester, you can either chose to stay on campus or study abroad as a part of academic exchange with one of the Kedge’s partner universities. In the 4th semester, you have a choice of pre-specialization in the view of 2nd year of the course or choice of exploring other fields.

In the 2nd year of the course, you can either choose the Audit-Expertise Track which will train you to hold a management position in financial, accounting and various administrative and legal departments in companies or you can choose the Entrepreneurship Track which trains you to become entrepreneurs whether within your own business or in existing companies. You also have the option of choosing China Track where you will study in the Renmin University campus in Suzhou for an entire year focusing on acquiring global understanding of business with special emphasis on China. Beyond these programs, you will also have a possibility of specializing in of the 10 double MSc Diplomas providing multicultural learning environment. This choice of double degree helps you to benefit from a more international dimension on top of your specialization.

100% of the MSc at Kedge is doable as double degrees. It includes the following fields: Arts and Creative Industries, International Business, International Events and Sports Management, Corporate and Sustainable Finance, Digital Marketing and Sales, Purchasing and Innovation Management, Marketing and Brand Management, Wine and Spirits Management and Global Supply Chain management.

Every year around 350 business projects are created by Kedge students, 23% of which becomes the incubated and accelerated startups. These startups raise around €6 M. other than this, 95% of the graduates are employed within 4 months of graduation with €40,000 as an average salary, above 50% of the graduates have a position with an international component and 10% of the graduates have created their own business. Following chart depicts the positions which are held by the graduates:

By joining Kedge, you also join a powerful network of alumni with over 65,000+ graduates having 108 branches throughout the world. The alumni association provides various tools and services which includes professional meetings, events, digital community which helps you in building your career and enhancing your skills.

Kedge Business School homes around 61 student associations that offer entertainment along with an opportunity for you to learn, develop and live unforgettable moments and experiences. Kedge societies include Community & Student Life, Networks & Businesses, Geopolitics and Social Affairs, Sports and Leisure, Digital Multimedia and Communication and various others.

The tuition fee of Masters in Management Grande Ecole Program is €13,125 per year. To join the course, you can apply through The application fee for the same is €120 which is non-refundable. To apply, you need a Bachelor’s degree, two recommendation letters, resume, English tests (TOEFL, IBT, IELTS, TOEIC), GMAT or TAGE MAGE for French native speakers. The school also provides academic scholarships based on achievements and academic excellence. Early birds are also given a 10% discount on the tuition fees.

Kedge Business School welcomes international students and looks after their well-being by offering a number of measures to help facilitate the integration of the students. The international students are offered support by the members of the dedicated society which helps them in house hunting via Studapart, a platform that specially provides selected offers for Kedgers at

By applying through our site, certain waivers can be provided on the fees to the early birds. Offer is valid for a specific time only. You can also check your admission chances by trying our profile evaluation test that reviews your profile and enhances the chances of you getting selected into the top business schools. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and visit the link given above. For further information, contact:

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