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La Rochelle Business School of France has secured 66th rank globally as part of Financial Times Masters in Management ranking 2019. The school has recorded the highest increase in ranking positions moving up some 28 places. Also securing the 15th position in Challenges magazine in French ‘post-preparatory’ business schools ranking, it provides quality education in wide variety of management programs. The various parameters considered for the ranking includes Internationalization (exchanges, mobility, diversity), salaries after the degree, increment in the salary from pre degree levels, research quality, course fee, course length, number of students enrolled, company internships and many other factors.

La Rochelle’s Accreditations and Rankings:

AACSB and EPAS accredited, the school has been also certified with EESPIG. Excelia, the group comprising the management school has been a member of Conférence des Grandes Ecoles since 2007.

About La Rochelle:

La Rochelle is the fifth most visited town in France. It is ranked 2nd (L’Etudiant Awards 2015) as a great place to study in the medium-sized town category. Main attractions are the beautiful sand beaches, gourmet oysters and sea food.

Excelia Group, a French university-level institution of higher education, founded in 1988, is organized into five schools.

  • Excelia La Rochelle Business School
  • Excelia La Rochelle Tourism and Hospitality School
  • Excelia La Rochelle Digital School
  • Excelia La Rochelle Academy
  • Excelia La Rochelle Executive Education

In a rapidly changing world, full of complexity and uncertainty, the group’s mission is to offer degrees, programs and executive education, contribute to the development of management skills and knowledge and to the development and promotion of its local region.

As a university city par excellence, La Rochelle attracts students, teachers and lecturers from all around the world. On the city campus, this cultural diversity constitutes a veritable richness, where different experiences can be shared. To its students, La Rochelle offers intellectual depth, improvement in language abilities, expansion of academic knowledge, strengthening of the existing competencies and an intercultural experience. In addition, students have the opportunity of other different experiences such as international academic expatriation where they can study in one of the 170 partner universities of the business school for either a semester or an entire academic year.

The school offers the course of Masters in Management which is open to students who have already studied for minimum 2 years since leaving high school. The program offers a global outlook with students working and studying with 40 different nationalities each day, provides the opportunity of spending one or two semester studying on one of the off-site study locations (Beijing and New York), the possibility of studying for a double degree at one of the 80 partner universities across the globe, internships and other unique projects and experiences.

As a fundamental element of the program, company bases experience can take different forms of internships, gap year and work study. You have the option of taking a gap year between Years 1 and 2 or Years 2 and 3. A gap year provides you with the possibility of even more professional experiences, whether in France or abroad. A mentor will be on hand throughout your studies to guide you and manage your personal and professional project.

The school also offers the course of The Masters of Science (MSc) which is open to the students who have already studied for a minimum of 3 years and as well as to management executives and employees with professional experience. It offers a large variety of job-specific and industry specific specializations with 3 different available tracks (24 months, 16 months, and 12 months). MSc Audit and Consultancy, MSc Banking, Insurance, Wealth &Real Estate Management, MSc Sustainable development, MSc International Business Management, MSc Purchasing and supply Chain Management, MSc Global Luxury &fashion Management are some of the courses offered at La Rochelle.

Companies such as L’Oréal, Groupe Danone, Air France, BNP Paribas, ACCOR, Renault, Peugeot, Dassault, EADS, Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, and many others are long time reliable school partners and give students a chance to undergo internships or practical work, to gain invaluable knowledge and experience.

Founded in 1991, the alumni network works as fundamental link for 14,500 students. Its main objectives are to develop the employability of the group’s graduates, to maintain links between graduates in their professional life and the Group’s current students, to develop and organize both professional and social events to strengthen these links and to extend the influence and activity of the Alumni network internationally.

Programmes Students from within the EU Work Study EU Students from Outside the EU
Masters in Management ( 1 Year ) €10,600 €10,600
Masters in Management ( 2 Year ) €10,800 €11,800 €12,600
MSc or MIND over 2 years €23,500 €24,000 €26,500
Fast track MSc (16 months) €18,900** €22,400**
  • EU : European Union

Accommodations and food:

All pupils are given a place in common hostel or host family, as required, assistance is provided in renting an apartment. Students can eat at the cafe at the university or attend a wide range of catering establishments in the area, within a walking distance from the building.

  • Host family: €350-400 per month with breakfast
  • Apartment: studio in the residence, €500-600 per month
  • Studio in private sector: €500 per month. If rented by twos, can find an apartment for €300 per person.

For convenient and effective training there is an extensive electronic library, a special network of Wi-Fi inside the university, a separate language center, Career Planning center. The Sports infrastructure is also well developed. All necessary equipment for sports is available.

Admission procedure:

Registration fees: €50 to be paid on line by credit card. (Certain waivers can be provided for students applying through Also there are additional Early Bird Scholarships or Merit Scholarships available during certain time periods for students of

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